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Afternoon Tea

Tea Time:

Tuesday - Saturday





to answer some of
your questions:

Each Afternoon Tea is exactly 1.5 hours. In order to give the staff ample time to prepare for the next service, each tea time must be kept to its reserved time.

Pricing: An Afternoon Tea reservation is $27 per guest; $20 for children ages 5-10; there is a non-reservation/walk-in option of tea and scones $15 Tuesday-Fridays (but please call ahead); non reservation/walk-in option is not available on Saturday Tea Times.


To reserve a private party tea service:

For a private tea reservation, our full afternoon tea experience will only be available during the above times. If your party has 20+ people you may need to reserve a private tea time. Each private tea service can accommodate up to 35 or more people and will last 1.5 hours. 

The pricing for a private Afternoon Tea is as follows:

Tuesday - Friday $750, Saturday $1000 

*Includes rental, food, and tea for up to 35 guests

*Tax and Gratuity are not included in quoted prices

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